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Butterfly: New here


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Hi all!

I have just recently joined the forum, since finding it while looking for immigration info.

My hubby and I have made the decision to leave SA, and we are in the very early discovery phase. We have yet to decide if we want to go to Australia, or to New Zealand. I prefer Oz, hubby prefers NZ.

We have a 21 month old son, and we are trying for another baby. Like many, one of the big reasons for us to leave SA is our son, and his future.


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Welcome !!!!!!!

Congratulations on making a great decision for you and your family's future.. I know that you will find lost of info and support from this Forum. All the best of luck with you application process and may it go by quickly.



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Welcome Butterfly :ilikeit::blink:

With alot of research you will know where is the best place for you and your family to go to. Just be in unity about it in the end. My husband also wanted to go to New Zealand at first, but now we can't wait to get to Auz.



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Hi Butterfly

Good luck with your decisions, I have lived in both countries, Auckland New Zealand and Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia.

Both countries are great, obviously each has their own attractions, what are your reasons for splitting your choices?

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Welcome Butterfly.

The forum will be a great support system.

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