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Hi all !!!


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Hi all,

Me and my girlfriend is currently living in the UK for the past 3 1/2 years and decided that Aus looks like the place to start a family and our new lives.

I have decided to go for the 175 visa and not to go via an agency as to try and save as much $£ as possible. I have already lodged my trade recognition and am awaiting their reply. I am a qualified panelbeater by trade, but dont think panelbeating is on the CSL. Is the 175 the better option or is there anything that I missed ?

Are there any other applicants in my the trade who applied for a visa and how does the new laws affect us.

I am still busy reading through the forums, (found this site to be the most informative so far :ilikeit: ) but thought I'd put a "help me" line out there as not to take the long route of trail and error.

Well, that's me !!

Dion & Lynette


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Check out the 176Visa where you also have to apply for state sponsorship. The 175 visa is at the bottom of the list now.

Good luck with the journey


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Your kids would be uni by the time your 175 is granted (not quite but close :ilikeit: ). You would be better off looking for work and going the RSMS 119 or ENS 121 route. They are PR visas and take a matter of weeks/months to grant.

OBTW: Welcome to the forum

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