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Hi Everyone,

this is a great forum, thanks so much for the info we really love reading all of it.

Our problem is this and I really hope all of you could express your opinions and advice.

We got our PR in July 2009 and have been to Perth in September 2009 (Validation of visa's). Been back now for 2 weeks and we would like to go back to Australia our problem is that we would like to secure a job so that when we land there one of us or both have employment. And yes from reading on this forum we have gathered it is more likely to find employment once landed there. My wife and I have 2 kids, one finishing Matric now and the other in grade 5. Our daughter would like to study next year at University.

we have been on the following sites looking at the jobs advertised: Seek, Careerone & mycareer. The jobs that we think match our skills and have sent off our resumes either they never contact you back or the common reply, we have had numerous applications and unfortunately you have been unsuccessful.

Are these agencies for real??

Can anybody advise where else one could look? Are there geniune agencies out there that are prepared to assist one and really try to help?

My wife is a Sales Manager for a fortune 500 company in South Africa. I am in the RF & Microwave (Electronics) sales industry here.

We are looking at either, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane or Adelaide, can any of you share light on these places as we have been to Perth, nice but we don't want to just pack up and go there if there is a better place.

Please e-mail me at : nadd@telkomsa.net

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We got our PR in July 2009 and have been to Perth in September 2009 (Validation of visa's).

You should not have a problem considering you have your visas, as most of the adds state that they want a valid visa, State that you do have a visa in the covering letters. When you see a online job try by contacting the company directly rather than applying online if you can.

You did not say where you would be settling so target the local employment agencies as well.

Good Luck

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Best way to approach this is as follows:

1. Decide which territory would want to settle in.

2. Start applying online for positions in that specific territory. Use websites and employment agencies

3. If possible have a landing date and pre-set up interviews with the companies, let

them know when you will be back in AU and plan around that.

Worse case book your tickets, fly out and start enquiring as soon as you land through agencies, newspapers etc

but you need to decide on a state first.

Heard it is easier to secure a position within AU than from the other side of the world.

Other than that all i can do is wish you all the best, don't think you will encounter many problems

though as you have a PR.

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