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Hogan mining

hestie tt

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Hello everyone

Have any of you made use of Hogan Mining to find a job in the mining industrie???? With or without sponsorship!!!

Hubby wants a mining job since he is in mining now and they pay well. The agent that we have still have not find us a job in 18 months!! :ilikeit:



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Hi Hestie

We live in Dalby, Queensland, and up to 15 new mines have been approved. There are some problems at the moment, (speaking under correction) but I think it is because of the railway lines from Dalby/Miles/Chinchilla to Gladstone, which has to be fixed in order to carry the weight of the coal carriers(?) At the moment it lies in the hands of the politicians, and untill that has been resolved, I dont think there will be many job opportunities in the mining secter. Just give it some time, I think that resolutions will be found very soon.

Best of luck


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