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Charlie Brown

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Hi All

I was wondering if you could give sme assistance here. I have my own agency in SA specialising in Hospitality, what are the chances of continueing this in Oz? I am worried about working full time when we go over and having to leave my kids in a new country, new school and day care? Selfish I am not sure but what do I do. Alternatively, what are Half day options like there?

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Hi there,

I'm not sure if anyone can really advise you about opening a similar business here - that will take a lot of research into the market, and you are best placed to do this.

on the issue of half-dy jobs - they are actually relatively common. I read somewhere the other day and Australian women are the least employed women in the world - through choice. More women and Moms choose to stay at home here than anywhere else in the world, it seems! The next step is part time work, and there is a lot of that going around. I'm sure you'll be fine.



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Women in Australia have choice only by the policies in place that have been put there by the current government.

The Liberal gov't wants women to have more kids and actively supports this by giving women a token $3,000 tax-free grant for each baby born, and has generous family payments for single income families, to such an effect that a family having three kids will not pay $1 in income tax on the first $43,000 (R250,000) of family income for the year . . . . . not a bad little earner for the stay-at-home mum!

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:o Sadly, only on PR, Bob ... we little temporary residents have to pay, pay and pay, but that's only fair of course. We all have to wait our turn ... :huh:

Charlie Brown, what kind of business do you have and what aspect of hospitality does it serve? I'm interested as I used to work in Quality Control for the hospitality industry for quite some time in the UK, something which is still close to me heart ... :(

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You are not selfish at all! I'm also leaning towards settling the children first and then search for a job. Our oldest (now 5) has already been through relocation at age 18 months and I'm not sure how another is going to affect her.

Good luck in what-ever you plan.

I'm sort of looking to apply my knowledge in the freelance market as I'm a Packaging Technologist, I could just as easily do project work for clients on a contract basis.

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Yours is an old post so you may not see this but if you do I thought that this might help.

The Recruitment & Consulting Services Association Ltd web address is www.rsca.com.au they will be able to provide you with all the info relating to setting up a recruitment company in Oz. You will be able to access all thei contact details on the website.

Most of the recruitment companies in Australia are members of the above association.



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