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tania.taylor: Work in Sydney, Any help / tips?


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Recently arrived in Sydney. Husband is an Aussie. I am looking for a job in marketing / corporate branding. Anyone have contacts other than the usual "pounding the pavements (and net)".

Any SA'cans in Pennant Hills area wanting to meet up?

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Hi there,

Sorry, cannot help with the employment Question but we are a huge crowd here in the Hills! :unsure: We get together every now & then for coffee and cake and had a big family BBQ a while ago. I don't think there will be much going on for the rest of the year with everyone going on holiday etc, but definitely beginning next year, we'll get together again and it would be nice if you could join us then! :wub:

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Hi there

Welcome to the forum. Do you have any children, will you be looking at something full or part time. I have found the North Shore Weekly paper great, its delivere Thur/Friday and will have jobs in your area. I think Feb will be a good time to start looking though, things are winding down.

If you are keen to meet up, I am about 20 mins away on the north shore.


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:unsure: Thanks for the info. The jobsite was helpful.

Yip have two kids - 3yrs and 2 months old. Would like to meet up with other parents who are still "grown ups" and enjoy the odd glass of wine and don't talk about spit and poo all the time.

I love my kids, but I miss the maid!

Will keep an eye out for events - see you at the next one.

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