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WE are visiting Sydney from 6 to 10 OCTOBER and are DESPERATELY trying to secure interviews/meetings with a headhunter, employment agencies or companies!! Time is running out and we need your help.

Anybody with contacts? Know somebody? Please walk the extra mile for us.

CA with an excellent career path, including SA, ASIA and other international experience. PR visa obtained and Australian format CV.

Please send me a PM.

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You need to go to a recruitment site like seek.com.au and search for suitable positions then get all the agencies contact details and give them a call personally telling them you are here and are there any suitable positions available and could they meet with you. Most companies want you to be in Aus already and not have to wait for you to move over. Also the recruitment process here is alot slower so you could go through a meeting with the agency to a meeting with the cmpany 2 weeks later and then another meeting with the company or partners concerned 2 weeks after that. If you are looking for a position within a specific industry eg banking or one of the big 4 then give those companies a call directly and have a look at their websites. You will eventually get a job but I know plenty of CA's who have had to wait for a few months before the offers start coming in.

Good Luck

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