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Missed the last Home and Away???,


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Not to trivialise anyone’s emotions and feeling as they make this move, but sometimes I just can’t miss my daily dose of SAAUSTRALIA.ORG… home and away stories are most interesting ….

I was just wondering when I arrive in Aus where is the best place to buy Aussie undies … don’t think I could survive with out my Woollies ones… But please no stores where I might hear other Saffers as I have fear of been rejected …

The thing I think I will most miss when I leave HOME is my Sausage(my dauchie) … but I know that being AWAY from my Castle will be the best for my family….

I know that when I arrive away, I can Discovery my new Laager but ....

Can any help with a good SA Shrink in AUS…. Anywhere…. Please help….

:ilikeit::lol: :lol: :lol:

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:lol: If you really wanna see a dose of drama, then try move someone's post to the appropriate thread and boy its a whole episode on its own.

Good one WBACT. :ilikeit:

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