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Cindylou: Hi From Johannesburg


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Hi Everyone

Firstly - congratulations on the new forum, let's all work together to keep it a worthwhile place to be.

My name is Cindy and my partner and I have applied for an offshore skilled visa. My brother and his family relocated in 2000 and my mother went over as a contributory parent in 2004, so we miss them stax and can't wait to join them.

Looking forward to meeting everyone else.

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Welcome Cindy. So glad you could join us. If you have any question just give us a shout.


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Hi there Cindy! Welcome to the forum!

Where in Aus are you heading? We live in Sydney and have family in Adelaide & Perth. My brother & his family has already become Aus citizens. Must say, it was easier to know we have family here even though they still live a few hour's flight away.

Let us know if there's anything we can help you with - that's what we're all here for.

Hope to see you around a lot!

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Hi Riekie

My mother and my brother's family are in Perth, so that's where we'll start. It doesn't really make sense to settle away from the support of the family. My brother's family are all Aus citizens and my mother will become one as soon as she is able (middle of the year)

I must admit that I found the weather in Perth awful - we were over in Sept/Oct last year and we were so cold! There was even frost on the car windscreen in the mornings and I wore five layers of clothes virtually all the time. The last time I was in Sydney was in 1994, so I'm sure a lot has changed - especially with the Olympics.

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We were in Perth over Christmas and according to the taxi drivers we spoke to, Perth's weather has been a bit of a mess lately - we had temperatures in the low 20's and according to them it should be in the high 30's that time of year. Maybe global warming is creating a bit of havoc.... I think it's best to settle where you already have a support network - if you really don't like it, you can always relocate to another part of Aus - at least by then you would have already adjusted in Aus and feel comfortable in your new country. We absolutely LOVE Sydney, but it's not for everyone. A lot of ex-Sydneysiders now living in Perth - wanted the more relaxed lifestyle. In my opinion, you can live anywhere in Aus and be happy!

Good luck with your visas! When were you planning on arriving in Aus?

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