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Hello All

I haven’t been on much due to us starting our 475 Family sponsor Application.

Wow what a nerve racking experience it is so far....but we will get through it.

So I am now looking for work in the QLD area and to be exact we trying for Cairns...

That’s where our family is.

I myself I am a Video Conferencing Engineer and I am able to some networking and I know IT support as well. Good with people too.

My wife is a Qualified Property Conveyancer and Lawyer and she has her Law Degree as well. Poor me I know.... :lol:

So we both are looking for work. We both are hard workers and learn really fast.

The family is helping us with the sponsor but it would be great to have a job as soon as we get there or even sooner and it would be such a Blessing if the Employer aids us in getting there a bit faster.

If anyone knows of anything it would be great and I have my Eyes all over the internet looking.

Thank you

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