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Hi fellow Saffers,

My husband is desperately looking for work.

I have included his cover letter just to give you an idea of his skills and background. Please can you let us know if anyone is lookign for someone with his skills.



Good morning,

Prior to arriving in Australia, I have worked for several key IT companies in South Africa including Hatch Africa, Chubb and Pragma Pty Ltd. In these positions I was responsible for a wide variety of tasks including Project Managing upgrades and product changes, providing technical support to internal and external customers and Network Administration. In each position I have held there has been a strong focus on communication with clients and delivering the highest quality support services to users.

Throughout my working career I have built a strong reputation for being reliable, hard working and committed to delivering a superior customer experience to internal and external customers at all levels. Work colleagues have found me to be focused on delivering solutions to clients which exceed their expectations and requirements, adapting our products and services to meet the clients long and short term needs. I am highly organised and have a meticulous attention to detail, completing reports and information covering all contingencies. I am a contributing and active team member and highly responsible when required to work autonomously.

It is for these reasons I believe I am well suited as an IT Consultant and would be happy to make myself available at your convenience to discuss the position with you further.

I look forward to meeting with you in the near future,


Sean B Mallon

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There is a shortage of good quality Project admin, co-ord and managers..

Not sure if you hubby is more on the project side or the techie (operational)side.

try the local oz job sites, didata and BHP.

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Thanks yes we have been applying left right ans centre hehe

I have noticed that the available jobs are picking up as we have now been applying for about 5 - 7 positions every week for the past three weeks now.


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