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urgent - child booster seat for car and push chair


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Hi All

We landed the 10 sept in sydney. We are currently staying with people in castle hill that is helping us out till we find place to rent.

we are urgently looking for second hand child booster seat for a 2jr old (he weight 18 kg) and a push chair for him as well.



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Sorry can't help but why did you not bring them with? Those stuff are free on flights and you really need them.

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Hi donalene,

Hopefully I can be a little more helpful then the last reply.

I don't have one for you as I am using them myself but dealsdirect have some great bargains.

We have used them and they are reliable and deliver in a few days after ordering.

Look at :

booster seat for a $70 booster seat

We bought our stroller from Kmart for about $22. I have also seen basic ones at Target for under $30.

The Baby Savings Company at 555 Willoughby Road, Willoughby sell second hand childrens things as do "Babies on a Budget" in Balgowlah. Give them a call first to see if they have items you want in stock first as the second hand stuff goes fast.

I'm not sure if there is one near you but you can also try one of the Salvation Army stores for great deals.

Best of luck and welcome to Sydney,


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