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Looking at churches on LSD


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Hi Everybody,

We are coming through for a LSD and a few interviews (to Perth) during the last week of September .We am very keen to go to a church service while we are there. We are currently staying in Pretoria and comfortable in a church like NG Moreleta or Lewende Woord.

Can you please suggest something similar for us to attend while we are there ?

Thanks a lot.


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Hi there,

There is an NGK church North of the River in Perth in a suburb called Clarkson, I have been there and I believe there is like a branch South of the River, but unfortunately that is the only thing that I can help you with. Hopefully the other members who attend there can you help you.

Good Luck

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Hi Ian,

Here is a link to churches in Perth ...


As most folks that have moved over here will tell you, churches are just different in OZ, you will have to "church hop" until you find one that suits you and the family.



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