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Hot weekend for ADL


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Its looks like a sizzling weekend for Adelaide

Saturday's forecast for the Adelaide district

December 9, 2006

Now Sat Sun Mon Tue





Mt Barker






Adelaide ApMount LoftyParafield Ap Forecast Almanac

Adelaide, 18:00 CDT

Temperature: 39.4°C

Heat Index/Wind Chill: 35.8°C

Humidity: 4%

Wind: W 9km/h

Gusts: 13km/h

Pressure: 1013.6hPa

Rainfall since 9am: 0.0mm

This week in Adelaide

Saturday : 41°C

Sunday : 30°C

Monday : 24°C

Tuesday : 26°C

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Yup, and this is only the start of summer :):thumbdown: But then I am off tomorrow for a week to China on business, its 5-10 deg C there I believe. :ilikeit: Then back into the oven here <_< So also I will be less available on the forum this coming week as result.

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When we land, it can help me to sweat off a kilogram or 2 :thumbdown:

At lease it does not have the humidity of Durban....at those temps you would have close to 100% humidity!

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It was pretty hot on Saturday. We just lazed around in the one airconditioned room we have in our house and played cards - funny, just like a rainy day! B) Later we swam, but the pool water was so hot (36 degrees), it was actually not very comfortable - like getting into a hot bath.

Today is lovely though - if there's one thing we've found so far is that after every hot scorcher the weather seems to adjust very quickly down to quite cool days, before it starts building up the heat again - mind you, it's been a very abnormal year here, so not one to judge the normal weather conditions on! ;)

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