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Swine Flu


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I got this email this morning. I honestly dont know what its worth, or what type of research has been done w.r.t. this. But the Preventative Measures seems quite fair, and makes sence.

Here goes:

Hello you guys

I thought I should let you know that about 80% of swine flu tests that we are doing is coming back positive!!

According to our lab tests the virus of this flu is weak against ONLY Vit C!!!


Get VIT C tablets and give it to your families immediately!!.

(Different brands) are available in 100mg, 300mg and 1000mg doses.

For the body to fight the virus you need to take a dose of 900mg PER DAY!!

So don’t buy the 1000mg one as the body will not absorb 1000mg at a time.

Rather buy the (Nutrilite vitamin C) tablet (which contains 250mg vitamin C plus 35mg citrus bioflavonoids) and take it THREE (or four) times a day.


Especially those with a weak immune system.

For children above the age of 4 give them (Nutrilite Chewable) vitamin C - one tablet three times per day - NOW until it is SUMMER !!!!

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I've been using Eagle's Tresos B Plus Selenium (multivitamins) this whole year (1 tablet a day) and cannot remember when last I have been ill. Almost everyone at work has been ill at some stage this year, one guy was coughing his lungs out for a whole 2 months, yet I didn't even catch a cold.

This multivitamin/mineral is one of the best formulas out there. It contains Iodine which is a really common defiency, as our soils in fruit/veg growing regions are low in Iodine. It's also got a great B vitamin complex with good levels of the important nutrients B6, folic acid and B12. The World Health Organization recommends that we all take a multivitamin/mineral as there are so many protective effects when taken long term. It's also great for energy levels as I row 5 days a week and never feel completely drained.

This stuff works and keeps your immune system strong. I buy it from Newton's Pharmacy at 119 York Street (Sydney), opposite the QVB.

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