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Gluten free expo Friday 21st – 22 Aug August Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park


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For those that don’t know Gluten free expo http://www.glutenfreeexpo.com.au/

is on this weekend from:

Friday 21st August - 4pm to 8pm

Saturday 22 August - 9am to 5pm

Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park

If you have not been there it is def worth your while it is a treasure chest of information and introducing new GLUTEN (protein in barley, oats, rye and wheat) FREE products. You can usually buy a lot of the products at more reasonable $ on the day directly from the producers. It is def the Food and Wine Show for the gluten free community. Your taste buds will have a feast !!!!!!!!

I have each year found great bargains at the Gluten free expo and been introduced to products I previously was not aware off. I even heard that the Pastry Pantry is introducing ready made gluten free pastry on the day. Those that do heaps of gluten free baking will know gluten free pastry is well a miracle in itself as is very difficult to make.

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How great!!!! Unfortunatly still 'starving" to death in South Africa but have found a few Organ (auzzie) products to live on. Hope to find the chocolate cake again for September, my birhday. tried one on Carien the other day to celebrate their SS that they got in 11day's!

Can't wait to move to Australia, land of food and honey!! (Allergic to dairy too)


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