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School Busses in Sunbury

Shaun en Sylvia

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Could anyone with children in primary and secondary school please tell me if there are any specific school busses in Sunbury. We will be moving to Aus at the end of the year. My daugter will be in year 3 and my son will be in year 7 next year. My wife cant drive and we need to be close to public transport or close to schools. I am still looking in which area to live that will provide me with the easiest way to get the kids to school safely. So far Craigieburn is at the top of my list because there's a school from prep to year 12. But unfortunately I have heard bad things about Craigieburn. So now I am looking at Sunbury ,Greensborrough or Point Cook. I work in Coburg and the traveling to Point Cook would be a nightmare in the mornings.

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I don't know about the schoolbusses in Sunbury.

We live in Caroline Springs and Coburg is not that far about 25km. There are several Private, public and Catholic schools in the area. Within 2.5 km we have at least 5 schools that is easily accessible by public transport. A Lot of parents and children use the public busses. Most of the schools take from Kinder to Year 12. I was without a car for a while and was able to walk everywhere, even the shops. The rent is also reasonable if you look at other areas.

Graigieburn does not have a good reputation but also depends on which area.

If you need more info please pm me.


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Thank you

I will definately go and check out Caroline Springs this weekend. I have moved our arrival up to beginning of October as I see they dont even look at the kids reports as long as they are in the correct grade for their age.

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Hi Shaun & Sylvia

I thought I had given you links in a previous thread, anyway, yes, there are dedicated school buses for most/all of the schools in Sunbury. The only way you will know whether or not it is feasible for living and walking/riding/taking school bus, is to find the school and then find accommodation or to find the accommodation and then find the school. I live in Sunbury and see the school buses everyday.

Here are a couple of links that may interest you.


Sunbury Primary School

http://www.education.vic.gov.au/schoolsonl...tionID=01100201 (I am told this is an excellent primary school, located in the Sunbury suburb of Jacksons Hill)

Sunbury West Primary School


Sunbury Heights Primary School


Killara Primary School


Kismet Primary School


St Anne's Primary School


Our Lady of Mount Carmel Primary School


Goonawarra Primary School


Sunbury College (High school)


Sunbury Downs Secondary College


Salesian College (High School)


With the above information you have all the schools addresses, now if you go to the following link, you can perhaps try and see if it would be easy to find a rental home that is close enough to both the primary and high schools so that the kids can make their own way to school.


To get exact information about school transport, I suggest you email the schools directly, they will give you the correct information.

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I see they dont even look at the kids reports as long as they are in the correct grade for their age.

Is this true?

Here is me stressing about my girls reports, grades etc. Can't believe it.

Q here is, will they accept a child into a grade in the last term?

I was wondering the same. . . main reason we won't be leaving this year is because of the school year,

my daughters are aged 11 and 9.

Would like them to start with everyone else on the 1st Feb 2010.

Sunbury Mara, is looking very good for us :ilikeit:

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Well, Serendipity, I have yet to find someone that has not fallen in love with Sunbury, especially if they have kids. It is definitely like living in deep country with the added benefit of being on the city's doorstep!

I would not stress about your girls. To my knowledge schools will accept them at any time, even the last term. Just imagine if they do the last term here then they may even have some friends to play with during the long summer break and be ready, with their friends, for the start of the new school term in February!

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