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Dentist in "Little South Africa" :-)


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Hi everyone, ^_^

Lookng around, it doesn't seem like there are any recent referrals for this area. I am looking for a dentist that will do a general checkup and cleaning. I don't care if it is an ex-South African (althoughit is nice to share a common element) but rather someone that is willing to do a proper job and not overcharge! (I don't mind paying people what they are due) I don't want to feel like I am being put through a "wors masjien"!

Could anybody suggest a practitioner that they have had good service and exeriences with? I will be settling the bill in cash as we are on a 457, and I don't mind travelling a bit to get to the dentist if I need to.



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Hi Tyrone

See you're in Melbourne

I went to Dr Wei-Jin Tay

Yes...I know what you're thinking! I didn't know what to expect cause I'm an afrikaans, conservative, '76 model and was very sceptical!

He was EXCELLENT! Best dentist I've ever been to. Explains EVERYTHING he does and is extremely polite!

I paid $190 for a check, clean and floride treatment.

He checks and records every single tooth. Did a great job at cleaning.

You can only book a clean if you want and then it would be around $150 I think.

Dr Wei-Jin Tay

nib dentalcase centre

356 Collins street



tel: 1300 345 300



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Hi Tyrone

I go to Dr White, have done so for many years, he is excellent.

Bundoora Dental Clinic

Tel 9467 3733

U1/ 47 Plenty Rd

Bundoora VIC 3083

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