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Setting up interviews


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Hi Everyone....

We have finally managed to arrange a trip to Oz (brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth) in February next year for 3 weeks (vacation leave days constraints :blink: )...

we have already arranged to see people at Free Spirit on 8 February in Brisbane, but are there any suggestions on who we should arrange to see or meet with in the hope of employment via 457 visa?

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Good luck with job hunting etc..just one thing...are you coming over on a holdiay visa? If so just don't get caught with a cv or anything in that line on you. You are not allowed to work or look for work in Oz while on holiday. I only mention this as I don't want you to be found out and it to jeapordise your chances of finding work in Oz. And I'm not sure how many people are aware of this.

Good luck and holding thumbs for you :blink:



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Hi Lindy-Lee

Thanks for that, we need all the luck we can get and thanks for the advice, i wouldn't want to ruin any chances we may have!

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Arrange with somebody in Brisbane / Gold Coast to print out email copies of your resume' (C.V.)

That way, you won't be found to have a resume' on you when you rock up at Immigration.

Just pick them up later on arrival. :)

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Hi Bob

Ja that's the only way, but we'd have to scan our certified qualifications then - would that be good enough when printed out

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