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My first potji in 'Strayia


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Well, after all of my questions and trawling through the posts, here is the end-result of my 1st potjie attempt, in Australia.

Cooking on a gas stove is an interesting twist to the traditional charcoal fire - it's a lot cleaner and with the weather as cold as it is now, it's a welcome twist too!

Cooking with gas!


The end-result


Pity you can't smell it or taste it! YUM!!

(I was inspired by the 'boks trashing of the All Blacks this morning... :):ilikeit::ilikeit: )

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Oh my, thats looks yummy, I am sure you enjoyed it with all the cold weather etc. Also enjoyed the boks thumping of the All Blacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO SPRINGBOKS.

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We had a ox-tail potjie yesterday, on the outside gas barbie and it was delicious. We should have taken photos. We took off the metal grid and balanced it over the gas flames, turned them down a bit and a few hours later, perfection. My visiting mother in law said Anette Human, SA cooking guru, puts bananas in her ox-tail potjie, so we chucked one in for luck, you cant exactly taste the banana, just makes it a bit sweeter and creamier, I guess.

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Yummy, looks delish!

Am definitely buying a potjie for us before we go!

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Im so cold and so hungry too - did you have to post that delicious looking chicken curry ???? Looks so warm and yummy !! Chicken curry would go down so well about now !

My little pot is still in storage - cant wait to make my first Aus potjie.

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