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My husband is an IT. and we looking for sponser,please if you can help



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Hi Henriette,

You'll need to give a little more detail about what hubby does within IT so that the members can try to assist...maybe a brief rundown of his experience?


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He does the following at the moment:

1. Network Controller / Administrator

a. Windows 2003 Forest and Domain administrator - 3 Sites

b. Exchange 2003 Administrator - 3 Sites

c. Spam and Antivirus Admin - currently using Trend products - IMSS, Scanmail and OfficeScan

d. SQL2005 Administrator

e. Terminal Server Administrator

f. Citrix Administrator - qualified 4.5 XenApp CCA.

g. All Windows security officer functions.

h. Currently busy with Symantec Enterprise Vault project.

2. PC Technician and Network Technician

a. All pc's

b. All terminals

c. All printers and print servers

d. All network switches (Manageable) - 3COM, Nortel and Cisco

He basically does everything the company he works for requires. He does the research, development and installation of new products in the company.

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