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Sydney Photo's


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Seeing as the weather has been a bit miz of late, I thought I'd take advantage of a couple of sunny days we had!!





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Beautifull pictures. Can't wait for my big move to Sydney this week.


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Was out on Cockatoo Island in the Sydney Harbour today ... at an contemporary art exhibition! Just loooooooooooove this city!!!!!!!!!!!!

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We went to St Ives to catch a few Saffer accents :-) Has lunch at Pattisons - what an awesome bakery!!

I just love my trip to work on the Manly ferry, as we turn into the harbour towards the bridge with the bot gardens and the Opera house on the left it just lifts my spirits - my Aus version of the sun over the Mountain in Cape Town :-)

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Hi CTFamily

Beautiful pictures. Each time I walk past your sold house - I wonder how you guys are doing - so happy for you. Will be following you soon - (ok maybe not that soon, but we will get there). All the best, and so glad that you could find similarities with CT. I think I will cry when I see the Sydney Opera house in real life. It is absolutely beautiful, and thanks to IELTS I now know a bit about its history. :ilikeit:

Keep us posted.


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