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Newbie to Adelaide


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Hi everyone

We are new to Adelaide - arrived on the 12th of May 2009 - so far so good B) We have two young kids - a 4yr old and a 10mth old, both boys! I would love to meet our mum's in Adelaide, we are living in the South (Hallett Cove) so if there is anyone out there please let me know. Also if there are any family get together's on the weekends in Adelaide... it would be great to meet new people...

Thanks so much :lol:

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Wishing you and your family everything of the best

with your new lives!!

EricaC B)

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Welcome to the forum - see you are previously from the Highway area of KZN too !!

All the best,

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Welcome to Adelaide.

I only know a couple of saffers in the south but I know there is a lot.

There is a Christian Reform Church - most of its members and the minister are saffers.

Sunday 9:30 - Hallett Cove East Primary school hall.

(They are part of the Campbelltown church and have a place on their website)



Hope this help


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Hi samum

Welcome to the forum, and more importantly, Welcome to Adelaide!!!

Trust that you are settling in well.

There are many of us on the forum that are from Adelaide, have a browse at the past posts in the Communities section. You will be able to see if there are ex Saffers living in your area. We are living in the North Eastern suburbs of Adelaide...

I am not sure if there are any forum gatherings any time soon... I think it's a bit cold to have a large get together in the parks during Winter...

I know on facebook there is a group called expats in Adelaide, or something like that. They have once a month get together's I think (?!)

DesireeB is a lovely lady, she has recently moved to Adelaide with her hubby and 2 sons... she is fairly close to where you live... maybe send her a PM.

All the best,


PS - We arrived in Adelaide 6 months ago... originally from Waterfall... B)

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Yes, welcome to Adelaide indeed. Please shout out if there is anything that you need. I am sure you will be happy here, just a bit chilly right now !

PS: I also lived in KZN the last few years before immigrating, we lived in Pinetown.

( But actually a born and raised Dutchman from Pretoria area ! ) :rolleyes:

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