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Hi all

I am looking for a eazy peazy recipe for a quick bread and butter pudd.

Something very basic, but tasty.

Anyone have any tips?

EricaC :)

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Ooooh, me too please!

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last time i had that was as a child at a church function...lol....didnt know people still made it...but good idea, specially here where its so cold!

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6 slices white bread

40g butter,softened

half a cup( 80g) sultanas

quarter tsp ground nutmeg


1 and a half cups ( 375ml) milk

2 cups ( 500ml) cream

third of a cup ( 75g) caster sugar

1tsp vanilla extract

4 eggs

Heat oven to 160 degrees, grease shallow 2 litre oven proof dish.

Make custard- combine milk,cream,sugar and extract in saucepan; bring to boil,whisk eggs in large bowl; whisking constantly, gradually add hot milk mixture to egg mixture.

Trim crusts from bread, spread each slice with butter, cut into 4 triangles.

Layer bread, overlapping in dish, spinkle with sultanas,pour over custard; sprinkle with nutmeg.

Place oven dish in large baking dish; add enough boiling water to comehalfway up side of dish,bake pudding for 45mins, stand 5 mins before serving.

This recipe is from womens weekly " The smart $ cook"

I heven't tried it, so can't vouch for it- and it does seem like a lot of work- there must be an easier one?

Edited by AndreaL
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Hi Andrea

MANY THANX!! From both me and I am sure Good Witch.

Sounds easy and shall give it a try!!

Yeah, this is a fav of mine when I was a kid and my ouma use to make it.


EricaC :)

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My pleasure.

Now you are taking me back to my childhood in Yorkshire......... jam roly poly, spotted dick ( hee, still can't say that without giggling)gingerbread, treacle toffee, treacle steam pudding..............

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Yippeeee! Thanks AndreaL!

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Check, there is one from the "Kook en Geniet" posted. It works really well and is very easy.

I was looking for it a few months ago and someone kindly looked it up in their copy.

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