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STRESSED!! – And looking for relief…


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Well I sure was in need of help.

Waiting for visas

Document delays and difficult people

Impossible timelines

Strained family relations

Employer demands

“Haven’t you gone to Oz yet†comments

Yes they were all getting to me too, you are not alone.

I found a peace and release through hypnotherapy.

If you live in Cape Town and are interested in a new way to get over your stress; I can highly recommend you give this an open mind and learn the art of total relaxation. Get introduced to your sub-conscious and work smarter not harder at your stress.

I was fortunate to meet Kevin and he has helped me so very much.

Hypnotherapy has shown me a most natural way to deal with life circumstance. It is nothing like you imagine it to be. There is nothing religious about it. I assure you that you are conscious of everything all the time and you remember it all. You always have the control and your morals will not allow you to do anything you would not normally do. It is simply total relaxation. Who can say NO to that?

Get in touch with your subconscious and do it smarter. hypnotherapy@neomail.co.za

Kevin will help you I know it

Just say Fern has referred you

Find peace <_<


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Hi Fern,

for once someone happy to tell about their good experience! I am a hypnotherapist and am constantly amazed how people blast hypnotherapy, most of them the ones who never tried it. If you do some research and get to a person professionally trained, you will be amazed at what a powerful tool it is!

Unfortunately we still believe age old lies, or this happened to her cousins daughters dog...

Thanks for sharing this, hope you continue to grow... (O yes, and I go for regular hypnotherapy sessions too - I just call it my supervision sessions <_<:blush::ilikeit: )

I wont put my details on here as I dont know about advertising etc, but if you want more info please pm me, I am happy to explain the process more for those who might be interested.

It will help take my mind off the wait for the vissssaaaaa.....

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Thanks Maloui,

I shared it because it has made such a profound difference in my day - to - day well being that I feel others are missing out.

Even my family say I am better to live with <_<

He is a fully qualified and a registered hypnotherapist

I do hope to grow - in fact what is interesting is I had an operation to my index finger that required the bones to be rebuilt. I had a support pin holding it all together. Afetr the op I found hypnotherpy then had to get the pin removed. The Dr took it out in his rooms NO second Hospital day. I just relaxed and told the Dr when I close my eyes just do it and he did. There was no pain at all. I was home free in under an hour. It is much better and healing well.

Visas will come relax


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