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Business opportunities in Vava'u, Tonga


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This add is to all the people who really want to leave SA but don't qualify for a visa for Aus or NZ. We are a South African family who live in Vava'u which is in the South Pacific ocean. The islands are part of Tonga which is only 4 hours fly from Sydney or 3 hours from Auckland. If you buy property or a business over here you qualify for a business visa which allows you to live here and run your own business. The requirements around the amount you invest is significantly lower than Australia or NZ. There is a strong tourist market here during the humpbacks season from May to October every year. We have divided our property into 5 large pieces and sell 4 pieces. The sizes are in excess of 1000sqm and buyers will qualify for business visas. Here is our website with more info: www.peacefullife.webs.com



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