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IT Development Manager

Elana Coetzer

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Hi there,

Bad news. My husband lost his job last week. :) Thank God we got PR last month. :ilikeit:

He is a Java Development Manager. I'm posting his qualifications if anyone knows of an opportunity.

Michael Coetzer:

I attained a B.Sc. Information Technology degree at the University of Johannesburg. I am a seasoned software development professional with over 10 years experience, 8 of which have been in a managerial or leadership capacity. I also have an extensive technical background with nine years in the Java environment.

Since coming to Australia I have been in a Business Development role, but am looking to go back to my forte of software development. I have fulfilled a variety of roles in this space such as Software Engineer, Technical Team Lead, Solutions and Technical Architect, Project Manager, Development Manager and Program Manager.

I am preferably looking for a role such as Development Manager, Project Manager or Team Leader. Should you be able to assist, please contact me via LinkedIn or directly using my contact details specified below.

Kind regards

Michael Coetzer

Tel: (03) 8768-9241

Mobile: 0437 911 461

Email: michael.coetzer@gmail.com

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So sorry to hear that. I will PM you the details of the recruitment agent that recruited my husband for his IT job.

Keep trying I know something will come up.


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