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help with kids 13 and 11


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I recently found stuff on my computer which was very disturbing.There were links to porn sites-gay and hetero.Now both my wife and i share the computer with my boys and we assumed that these things came off corrupted e mails.Are we being naive?

We shudder to think whether the boys have viewed innapropriate websites.The thing is that they are so bloody computer smart!

These are young boys-how do we stop them seeing or viewing Porn?


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These are young boys-how do we stop them seeing or viewing Porn?

Most properly not ... the gaming site and other boy sites might have links to porn sites... not to say that they have never looked.

Advice ... Ensure that your computer is on an are that is visible at all the time e.g. in you TV room, or just some where you are always walking past. You can also purchase software the "controls" access to the internet , there are many version. When I was in Perth I set this up for my sister. Contact you local PC geek and I'm sure that they will assist.

Hope this helps

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Get something like Net Nanny. Activate Safe Search on Google (on the webpage go to Preferences)

Make sure your anti spyware and anitvirus is up to date.

Don't let the kids go onto any gaming websites without supervision. (that includes walkthroughs, cheats, downloads, etc.) Check downloads yourself before you let them look at it. They are often trojan horses in that it isn't what it was advertised to be.

If my kids want to go to a website, I stand behind them and check it out. As Wannabe says, your pc needs ot be where you can keep an eye on it. Nothing makes up for parental supervision, unfortunately.

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Yeah, shocking and not to mention DVD'S. Rented a comedy called Stepbrothers, thinking a nice 'family comedy'

hell no.......swearing, and a sex seen.......so it is not just the internet. We as parents have to really keep our eyes open this day and age!

EricaC :ilikeit:

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