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Delicious Roasted Lamb


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2kg leg of lamb

McCormick Moroccan Mild Chermoula style blend (spice mix) or any other spice mix of your choice


20 Fresh small Brussels sprouts where the ends have been cut off and a + sign is cut into the back of the sprouts with a knife

Or a few Carrots that have been peeled and cut into chunks and about two onions that have been peeled and cut in quarters.

Step 1 to taste sprinkle Moroccan spice mix over the roast. Note the Morrocan spice mix already contains salt so no need to add any more salt.

Step 2 Place lamb in Romertopf. Arrange Brussels sprouts around the leg of lamb. Make sure that leg of lamb is higher than the Brussels sprouts, so that the stock that the lamb releases covers them during the baking process. Same applies if you decide to replace brussel sprouts with carrots and onions. You can also completely omit to add any veggies. The lamb will still be delicious. No need to add any stock – the lamb will make its own.

Step 3 Romertopf has a bottom and a top clay lid. Fill sink with water and immerse the bottom part of the romertopf in the water. You can just dunk it in. Make sure not to get any water inside the dish if you have already put the lamb in it. Repeat the same action for the lid. Ensure that it is wet on the outside and inside of the lid. The clay Romertopf is made wet to prevent it from cracking during baking.

Step 4 Close the rompertopf. Place in a cold oven. Switch the oven to 200 C in a fan forced oven and bake for an hour per kg.

PS: I’m personally not a big fan of brussel sprouts, but in the romertopf they cook in the meat stock and come out lipsmacking and literally melt in your mouth. Cooked any other way and I’m happy to pass on them.

When your lamb is cooked, remove from oven. Place meat in Corningware dish and serve. Cut up any excess left over and freeze and use for lunches or in salads. I usually add about a handful meat per ziplock bag. The above process can also be followed for cooking chicken.

Pour the stock into a glass bowl. Let it cool down. Place the cooled stock into the fridge. A hard fat layer will form over the stock that has formed a hard jelly . Remove this and freeze the jelly stock. You now have ready made stock for no extra effort.

Next time you cook soup or make a stew or cook buckwheat or millet, decrease the amount of water you are using and replace it with the lamb stock. You increase the flavour of your food without any extra effort and also increase the healthiness of your meal.

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PS: Gourmet Traveller Magazine June09 addition http://gourmettraveller.com.au/ has just published on page 104 heaps of chicken, lamb, beef etc roasting recipes. I got my copy in the post yesterday. Have a look the recipes look really easy to follow.

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