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Rental Gold Coast


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My husband is going up to the Gold Coast to start his new job as of 1 June. The kids and I will follow once he's found us a rental. I'm putting a lot of faith in him, cause usually that's my department. I just thought I'd take a wild shot here and see if anyone knows anyone who knows anyone......who might be renting their place out. You never know.

His job is in Molendinar and we were looking around the Oxenford, Coomera, Pacific Pines areas to rent. Preferably a 4 bedroom place as we have the 3 kids and they've got used to having their own rooms (spoilt brats). We can go up to $400pw max.

If anyone knows of anything please give me a shout. The kids and I should be ready to move up around mid June.

Thanks Candice

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Good luck...

Not sure if I would trust hubby with that job. Although by now he should know what we need and what I like....

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Hi Candice,

How exciting, hope he finds the right thing for you all, I say go for it, let them do these things for a change, you sit back relax, oh and pack, and let him worry about that.


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Thanks Eva and Jill. Yes putting a lot of faith in him, but I've seriously got to the stage where I'm happy to take the back seat. After today's events at his work, he may have to go sooner. Things not happy......getting ugly....oh well.


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