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Hi all,

I am looking for someone to talk to with regards to relief/supply teaching in the North lakes area and surroundings. If you have any tips - please PM me, would like to get in contact with you guys! :rolleyes:



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Hallo Feetjie

"Teachers Aide" poste is verskriklik skaars, die raad wat hier in Dalby gegee word is om "volunteer" werk by die skole te doen, en net die skool nuusbriewe dophou. Die "volunteers" kry gewoonlik prioriteit.

EDIT: Skuus man, dag jy doen navrae vir Teachers Aide. Skuus het dan nie eintlik raad nie.



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Hi Feetjie

I assume you are looking for a temporary post. Tanya gave this website a while ago. http://www.teachers.on.net/ and then there is http://www.teachweb.com.au and I get post news from Smartteachers. Hope this helps, if not well I trust you will get support and help


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Sorry that I can,t help here, I'm in South Oz, and the different States' Education Departments are often quite different.


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