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Glass House Mountains

Guest Larry

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Just north of Brisbane in Caloundra's Sunshine Coast hinterland are the Glass House Mountains.

Ever since I have been in Caloundra, I have been taking pics of these mountains. There are images scattered all over my computer's hard disk.

This afternoon, I finally got around to arranging them into a semi-findable order. I have posted some of them onto my Picasa Web Album at Glass House Mountains. Just click on "Slideshow" and you will be taken through a slideshow of the pics.

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Thanks for putting them up there for us to have a "sticky-beak" at, Larry.

The green-ness of Queensland reminded me of Tasmania and the many years I spent in that State.

Good work.

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Man you make me green with envy... :ilikeit:

We just spent a week down in Caloundra, and we have fallen in love with the place! Living up here in Gladstone, which is also very dry, make that area extremely lush and green. It reminded me about the lushness of KZN...

We had a very enjoyable trip, and one thing that stands out is the road between Maleny and Montville. We stopped at the lookout point from where you can see the whole sunshine coast... man te beautiful!



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At times I have to mentally kick myself to realise that I live in such a great place. When I flew up to Caloundra for an interview in late November, I was amazed at how green everything was. - I was used to Victoria's brown summers and autumns.

My previous visits to the Sunshine Coast had always been in mid to late winter. It was green then.... But so was Victoria!

I have been here for nearly a year and it seems to be green the whole way through the year. The climate is warm and humid for 9 months and hot and humid for 3 months. :hug: But at least I can go for a swim to cool off!

However, having said that, I still feel that the best place in the world in which to live is the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne. :ilikeit:

The locals call me a "Bloody Victorian" first and a "Bloody South African" second. ;)

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Excellent stuff! Mmm I do love the sunshine coast especially the hinterland!

Larry have you been to "King Lugwig's" (German pub/restaurant) in Maleny - they have a great view of the mountains from their veranda!

We are spending some time in Noosa this Dec holidays and will be exploring all over, can't wait!

Sunshine BUG

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No I haven't been into King Ludwig's, but I have driven past it on many occasions. - I had to take care of a speed liit review on Mountain View Road.

I am looking for an excuse to have a Sunday lunch at King Ludwig's. :stretcher:

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