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Melbourne acomodation


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I am looking for short term accommodation for a few days, anybody that can advice decent places to stay with rates pls. Do not really want to spend what i saw on the net @120 + per night. Caravan parks an option, anybody stayed there in the past ?



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Pleasure. You asked at the right time. A friend asked for places a few days ago and I had bookmarked :blush:

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Try St Kilda Stayz. The missus and I squatted in a motel (not unlike a Road Lodge) for 2 weeks at about $100 a night, before moving into one of the St Kilda Stayz self-catering apartments (small open plan lounge & kitchen, separate bedroom, full bathroom). IIRC it was about $80 a night (they do have a minimum stay period, I think it's 5 nights) and very accessible to public transport. We stayed there for 2 weeks while looking for a more permanent place to rent.



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ooooh...thanks a MIL for this info!!!...Will definitely be booking us in at one of those apartments!!!...and in such a nice area as well!! :rolleyes:

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