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Science and Star Wars


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For those interested in Star Wars, science and/or have kids, I thought this exhibit might interest you. We are definitely going :ilikeit:


It is on from 4 June until 3 November 2009 at Scienceworks Museum

Journey into a galaxy far, far away and discover the science behind the Star Wars films.

Could cars that hover above the ground become the mass transit of the future? Will we ever have droids like C-3PO? Fantasy and reality join forces in Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination.

The exhibition will feature authentic costumes and props from the entire Star Wars saga, such as Darth Vader’s menacing attire and Luke Skywalker’s landspeeder – used in Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope.

This is the first exhibition to showcase more than 80 costumes, interactive displays, models and props from all six Star Wars films, together with modern technologies that offer the potential to one day make the world of Star Wars a reality.

More info on the site, including a special opening the night before

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WOW...my husband will freak out!!!

He absolutely loves all things star wars...and with some luck..we will make it to melbourne in time to catch it!!

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You damnwell better make sure you here in time!!!!!

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This exhibition is currently or was in Sydney - we went and saw it at New Years when we were in Sydney

Was really good - really enjoyed it especially building your own robots and hover cars wih lego and magnets



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OKAY I will admit publicly on this forum that I am a star wars fan! I have seeked therapy and counciling but all to no avail, and now I have to live with the knowledge that what I have is uncurable!!

I grew up on star wars, I was only just old enough to get into the cinema when the first movie came out, (but not old enough for jaws!! so I sneaked in!!! :unsure: )

Star wars hooked me, it was so new and different from any experience I had ever had at the movies!!! my entire bedroom became covered in posters/stickers/cards even stuck together jigsaw puzzles on the walls and so on and so on ad nausium. I will be damned if I am still waiting for that frigging visa by November and miss it alltogether!

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Roflol! Loved Star Wars too :ilikeit: Hung out with the maths club guys at varsity so that I could join them to watch Star Wars :ilikeit: Did an all nighter once watching them all in one go. Awesome (they all fell asleep)

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