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Things to do in Canberra


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Hi All,

I read the other day that someone thought Canberra was boring. This of course is not the first time I have heard this, and I am not sure what classifies somewhere as boring or exciting. I suppose as with many things, it comes down to your lifestyle and your attitude.

So here is a list of things you can do in Canberra, if you live here or visiting. PLease add to the list if you know of anything else that I haven't listed.

Snow fields, ie Thredbo and Perisher 2hour drive away http://www.thredbo.com.au/

Steam train ride to Buggendore - http://www.arhsact.org.au/tours/tours_steam.php

Questacon (interactive science for kids) - www.questacon.edu.au

AMF Ten pin Bowling - http://www.amfbowling.com.au/centres/ACT/Belconnen.aspx

National zoo and aquarium - http://www.nationalzoo.com.au/

Australian Reptile centre - http://www.contact.com.au/reptile/

Cockington Green minature village - http://www.cockingtongreen.com.au/

Deep Space communication centre - http://www.cdscc.nasa.gov/

Canberra Glassworks - http://www.canberraglassworks.com/pages/index.asp

Cruises on Lake burley griffin - http://www.lakecruises.com.au/lakecruises.htm

Cycle around Lake burley griffin - http://www.australiancyclist.com.au/article.aspx?aeid=2159

wine farms - http://www.totaltravel.theage.com.au/trave...ctory/breweries

ice skating and swim centre - http://www.swimskate.com.au/

Indoor playgrounds for cold and wet days one example of many in the state - Monkey mania - http://www.swimskate.com.au/

Water park Cinema - I mean who doesn't want to watch the movies while on a floatie in the pool?!! http://www.totaltravel.com.au/travel/nsw/c...erpark/details/

Balloon rides over canberra - http://www.canberraballoons.com.au/

Playgrounds and parks, including skate parks - http://www.canberrakids.com.au/category/72


Sammy's Kitchen in the Civic - DIVINE!!! and CHEAP!!! Serves good chineses and asian food- http://www.yourrestaurants.com.au/guide/?a...=sammys_kitchen

Koko Black - best hot chocolate in the world and conveniently 4 shops down from sammy's!!


For divine tea (over 200 blends to choose from) and great scones and cakes Adore Tea in Gold Creek - http://www.guidetocanberra.com.au/adoretea

Hope this helps those looking for something to do over the weekend...


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Just got my live in canberra email invite to the super 14 game next weekend - Brumbies vs Bulls. The only question now being a staunch Sharks supporter who do I shout for?

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The Brumbies of course....I have the same problem. If the Brumbies play the Sharks, I will just shout for both I suppose???!!! :ilikeit: Maybe a little bit more for the sharks.... DEFINATELY not the bulls.....sorry all you blue blooded people out there... :blink:

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They have Rooibos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoo hooo!!!!!! And other dutch things...I see the pet shope is also a "Winkel" - is there a big dutch influence there?...Or is it just these two shops?..

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Ja I have to be honest, my shark blood will probally turn blue if I vote for the bulle I am leaning towards the Brumbies...sorry bulls supporters it just is what it is...

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Wow Candice - you have been busy girl !!! What a great idea to list all the places.

Believe theres a market in Hall on Sunday - would like to come and see, inbetween going to see the Dr Seuss display at the Hyatt, and finding Corin Forest and the tabbogin tube (??)

Bored - how can one get bored ?

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