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Tammy: Newbie


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Hiya everyone

Well just to let you guys know that I am well on my way over to Aus!! YAAAAAAY!!!!!! I leave on the 23/12/06 and arrive 24/12/06. I have my visa (it only took 5 days to get) and have even packed up my flat using Pickdfords who quoted me R21045.00 on sharing a container. They have been so so helpful and I would reccommend them anytime, a special thanx to Jean at Pickfords who was a real angel in helping me sort through everything.

So her I am on my way..... I am heading to Bundaberg in Brisbane. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city thank goodness. LOL :)

Anyway - just wanted to share the good news with everyone and was also wanting to know of any South Africans in and around the area I will be staying in. I would like to meet up for coffee some time please ;-)

Take Care everyone



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Hi And welcome Tammy, well well well central Queensland (well sort of - Capriconia I think) nogal?

Very impressed with how quick you got the visa. Do you mind sharing what type of visa and what you are going to be doing in Bundaberg??

I see you mention that you are heading to "Bundaberg in Brisbane" - That's like saying I'm heading to Bloemfontein in Johannesburg (dist between = 398kms) You probably mean North of Brisbane, 375km's further up??

Just checking BUG

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Hi Tammy,

Congratulations on your good news. Phew, what a magical time to land in Aus! The day before Christmas. :blush:



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