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Tasmanian Newbie


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Hello to everyone on the forum! :ilikeit:

My husband, two children and I received our Visa (PR 175) in March and our destination in Australia if Tasmania.

We leave South African Soils at the end of August and we are most excited to start our lives in Australia.

This part of our journey is tough – letting go of the life we have lived here is both emotional and exciting all mixed in one…… weird but true.

I will be using this forum allot going forward from picking your brains before we depart to letting you all in on the wonderful secrets of living in Tasmania when we are there.

I welcome any questions you may have and would be most greatful for any news, views and information on TASSIE – thank you.


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Welcome to the forum, from an ex Natalian !!

Unfortunately cannot advise on Taz - but it was my first choice in Aus, just couldnt find employment there. It looks like a slice of heaven.

All the best with your plans.

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Hi guys - thanks for the warm welcome :ilikeit:

Eugene - thanks for the PM - I have sent you a reply - hope you get it!! still learning the ropes around the forum :whome:

I just noted that you are in Launceston :blink::blink: cool - thats exactly where I would LOVE to be but we have to go where employment lies.

How are the current employment opportunities in your opinion for Tradies?

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Welcome Rachel and congrats on the visa :ilikeit:

All the best for your future in Tassies!

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Hi and welcome to this wonderful forum...

We are heading for Hobart, Tassie - where about in Tassie are you going?


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