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Easter Photos


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Just a few photos. The local churches had a 're-enactment' where we walked from church to church and there was a hymn at each church and reading of the Bible, etc. The kids had fun :) Some people even brought their dogs






We walked to music



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As always, your pics inspire and uplift - thanks so much Polly. :)

What a lovely community you live in - I love the fact that everyone is so casually dressed for church and that you can even take your dog with. Which church do you go to in Melbourne?

Please keep the pics coming! :)

Happy Easter everyone.

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One of the moms at school invited us to the church community day - Balwyn North Baptist. It was a lot of fun. The kids loved the free sausage sizzle. The Sunday we went to the service and they had the reopening of the church since they had rebuilt it. Lots of food (again). Kinda felt obligated to keep going after they fed my kids for two days :):D It is a lovely community. Everyone is so relaxed. My kids love going to Kids Club (like Sunday school). The people are so welcoming and 'open'. Church starts at 10am. We chat so much afterwards, we never get home before 12:30 :) and these days it isn't just the wife who chats too much :D It isn't a huge church, but we prefer it that way. The minister comes to chat to us every Sunday after the service. We feel special there.

PS I am glad they help. I enjoy taking them.

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Hi Polly

Thanks for great pic's, sooooo nice to see that Gods four footed creatures were also welcome!!!!!!!!


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