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Happy Easter

georgie 1

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Christmas is glorious

Of its Holy Gift we sing

Of a manger and Baby

Our blessed newborn King

Thanksgiving is so grand

Our thanks to God we give

For His unending bounty

Gracing each day we live

Valentines Day is romantic

A day we are filled with love,

Love from spouse and family

Love from the Great One above

But there is one holiday

That rises above them all

Rewarding each one of us

Whether strong, meek or small

Of all of God's gifts

Easter shows us our fate

Forgiven we will rise

And pass through Heaven's gate

This Easter remember

The sacrifice of a Son

And through His resurrection

Eternal life we have won!

This Easter I pray

That the love of God

Is resurrected

Reborn, renewed

Inside your heart

God Bless You!



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Thank you Georgie, that was a real blessing! I know where I will be Friday morning...in church saying thank you!

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Thank you Georgie

I am going to copy and paste, and send this message to all my family and friends in S.A.

May you be blessed this Easter.....

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