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Tracy: Newbie from Natal!


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Hi to Everyone,

My daughter and I have just begun this long process of getting to Aus!

And I believe the waiting is normal. :hug:

We currently live in Howick, Natal and I'm waiting for my teaching qualifications to be assessed before I lodge my visa application.

Not sure where we will end up over there, (tomorrow would be fine with me!) but I was there for a few weeks in June/July this year and travelled around NSW quite a bit. Queensland is also an option.

Lots of time to decide and lots of things to consider as well!

I'll be keeping an eye on all the discussions to learn as much as I can from everyone else.

I think this site is absolutely great- keep it up!



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Welcome Tracy

Good Luck with the application etc. Teachers are in big demand here you should do really well. Any idea on when you will be coming over and where you would like to settle?

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You have come to the right place for information and support!

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Welcome Tracy,

Assessing your Teaching qualifications first is the way to go. Also thereafter register at the relevant Teacher Registration Board of the State you intend going (some will allow that). You will then be ready to teach when you land. So you are not really wasting time. Hope all your planning goes well.

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