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Live HILLSONG Album Recoding


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For those that would be interested Hillsong is having its live album recording at the Sydney Entertainment Centre Sunday 29th March 2009. The doors open at 5pm and the event starts at 6pm.

To ensure you have a seat, you need to pre book a ticket $5 per person, which is fully refundable on the night after the event. This event is extremely popular and the only way to ensure that enough seats are available on the night is to pre book your ticket. You can do this on line http://myhillsong.com/livealbum

For more details on the event see above link.

If you never been to an Album recording it is a once in a life time event as each album has its own flavour. It awesome being in a sea of people that are all worshiping and praising Jesus. I find the album recording so refreshing and encouraging. (I think we all need a bit of encouragement especially in this current economic climate.) It is excellent seeing so many Christian getting together. It is not a traditional event and has very contemporary feel to it.

It is a great event for young and old. It continues to be very popular amongst the youth and people form all different shapes ,sizes, ages and backgrounds.

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