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Osteo-Arthritis of the knee


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mmm.........Here I was delaying the medicals due to my wobbly mind.....then today I told hubby to get the reports from his ortho surgeon on his knee and bunion ops.... He had an arthroscopy done 2 yrs ago and has a history of knee pain - he was a long distance runner....

He has been fine since the arthroscopy but the copy of the report in his file mentions Grade 4 osteoarthritis of the knee and that he may need a knee replacement in the future. Now if I recall this may cause him to fail the medical??? Has anyone had a similar experience and can share some info? He is really a VERY healthy and active man. he is 61y but he is fitter than I am - well that may not be such a good reference - so let me say he is fitter than most younger men.

Any advice anyone? Strangely I figured I would have the problem with the medical cos I am large +++ and hypertensive plus a few skeletons in the cupboard. :ilikeit:

Many Thanks


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I think you are stressing too much for no reason at all.

THe medical board wants to find out if you will be a burden on the Oz medical system. If you live a healthy lifestyle and it is evident that you are working at keeping any medical issues under control, you should be fine.

my husband is on cholesterol medication and one child is ADD, and we were just fine.

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I don't know if this helps.....

A-Grade is normally a passed medical; B-Grade is normally a failed medical (at least initially until further assessement is made)

Attachment 4: Guidelines for Specific Medical Conditions




A-Grade: If minor with no interference with function. B-Grade: If significant disease or affecting Activities of Daily Living or working ability. Perform functional assessment, document treatment requirements and refer to specialist if indicated.

and with regard to being overweight......

BMI 16 – 30 : A grade BMI<16 kg/m2 – B grade. Consider clinical reasons e.g. TB, cancer, malnutrition. BMI >30 kg/m2 – A-grade if no evidence of complications. B-grade and refer to physician if complications of obesity are known or suspected. Report to address nature and severity of complications, treatment needs, and fitness for travel and stay in Australia.

and for the hypertension

B-Grade: Refer for cardiology assessment, if end-organ involvement is known or suspected. Assessment to include cardiac echo, resting ECG, and exercise ECG (if indicated).

Chances are you will have to submit additional reports to show that your hypertension is controlled by medication.

As a point of interest, my next door neighbour had to submit extra specialist reports as he is clinically obese, but has no complications- his wife is type 1 Diabetic and had to submit reports from specialist regarding this and shwoing that she had no nerve end damage to feet etc.- they got their p.r. visa.

My brother in law will be doing his p.r. meds soon and is type 2 diabetic, hypertensive and has high cholesterol- all controlled by medication.

Good luck and try not to worry too much.

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Well the replies make me feel much better.

Thanks everyone. I think I need to de-stress as this process has brought new meaning to the word..............


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Hi there my friend

If Merve can keep up with David twice a week when running and you can endure 2 hours of torture with me at the tae-bo class - you guys will be just fine. :) You are more active than most 20 year old's.

Just keep going - we are right behind you...

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