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Sydney Suburb - Little Bay


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Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone either lives here or knows someone who does? I'm thinking of buying a property here and I'm in two minds about it. Not sure about area, and of course the Economic crisis!

Anyways, I work at UNSW so it's close enough to work - I do drive. I know only buses service this area, so public transport probably isn't that great, but then again, I do have a car and if needed there are buses.

Any input would be appreciated!

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Hi Melbourne_again

Don't know much about the area, but it seems to be in a good location if you look at the areas surrounding Little Bay.

I found this link on Wikipedia - my personal initial guide to all of life's questions :ilikeit: - Little Bay, New South Wales

It may also be a good idea to search realestate.com.au and Little Bay - domain.com.auto compare prices and value within the suburb.

Good luck with your plans...it seems your forum name will change to 'Sydney_after all' soon! :ilikeit:

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Hi I live in Maroubra, and have been down there, it looks very pleasant, but unsure, I dont think I would buy there, it seems as though its just too far away. There is a lovely fish shop to eat at that overlooks the bay. thats about all.

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