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Public Swimming Pools


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Who needs a pool at home if you have these public swimming pools in your area. They are just the right temperature and very clean. The water gets tested every 4 hours to make sure the balance is just right.

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I am most surpirsed that you were allowed to take those picures with all those young kids around!!!!

Most of the public pools dont allow photos to be taken.

Nice pics



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looks amazing! I presume with all the water restrictions private swimming pools are not really feasible for the ordinary Joe!

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I had to sign a release form and give all my details before I was allowed to take any photos. At first I was a bit startled but afterwards I thought sjoe it is just great the way they protect the kids privacy etc.

It was my son's birthday and I asked them if I could and explained to them that I wanted to send it to his grandparents in SA so they could see what we did for him for his birthday.

These pools are just great for kids from all ages, even the tiny baby ones.

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Just curious......what does one pay for entry at the public swimming pools?

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Hi All

This is the Monash Aquatic Centre ---- Price List

The wave pool is awesome - my kids love it especially in winter as the pools are heated - it might be cold on the outside, but nice and warm on the inside especially the smaller pools.

Another one we can recommend is in Casey Aquatic Centre near FountainGate shopping centre

There are many aquatic centres all over Melbourne - type Melbourne Aquatic centre in google

With water restrictions etc and all these superb facilties, why would you want to have a pool and have to worry about the schlep of cleaning, chlorine, maintenance costs, cant use it in winter (to cold)



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