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06/03/2009 Thought for the Day!


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Life gets so hard sometimes.

We feel frightened because it seems so out-of-control.

We feel angry because nothing falls into place.

But, God is in control.

He's bigger than anything we face.

When we feel weak, like we can't go on anymore, we can turn to God.

He won't let us fall or crumble.

He'll hold us up and give us the strength we need.

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Thank you, Mara :ilikeit: What a lovely reminder to start my day with. We are so blessed for having our loving God by our side, always.

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Thanks Lindie. I have a little stand with cards in, titled 'He Comforts Us' and every evening before going to bed, I read one of them. Sometimes the words are so apt, that I feel a need to share them. This was one of them!

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Thanks from me as well!


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