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Garlic bread in a jiffy


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Using www.oldtimebakery.com.au gluten free flat bread spread garlic dip by Mon Jay Mezza www.mjmezza.com.au (Harris farmers sells the dip) on the flat bread . Grind a bit of sea salt to taste over the garlic spread flat bread. Add one of below toppings. Or Just keep it simple and grill garlic flat bread with no other toppings added.

Sprinkle some Keba sheeps feta over or dried oregano or thyme

Grill in the oven till crisp about 1-2 min keep an eye on it as it burn the moment you turn your back.

Use you Pizza cutters and slice in to slices serve hot. Great as a quick snack to serve as your guess are walking though the door and you getting the rest of the dinner sorted.

Ps: We use the garlic dip as mayonnaise over potatoes or steamed/roasted vegetables or over gluten free pasta or pizza. The garlic dip great as the base for any sauce you need to make in a jiffy. The dip is great for a family that needs to avoid all dairy products and preservatives.

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