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Furnished Apartment in Brisbane

ZB Blumenthal

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We currently live in Spring Hill, about 10 minutes' walk to the CBD and 2 blocks from Central Station (and a block from the Story Bridge). It's a fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment with a sauna, jacuzzi and gym in the building, and it's across the road from a Woolworths. We got the deal where we help out on evenings and weekends and get discounted rent. The rent is really good considering what other units in the building go for, but since we're not the landlords, we can't give you a definite price (we're currently paying under $300 a week!) We have the largest apartment in the building, since it was originally the manager's apartment. You would need to take over the duties we were responsible for, which is really simple and easy (lock up the sauna every night, unlock apartments where people forget their keys etc). The landlords are really nice, they've invited us to dinner more than once!

We now want to move to a house, and would like to find tenants for the apartment as soon as possible. I've asked our landlords and they agreed to let me post this on the forum. If anyone is interested, please email me at zeldablum@gmail.com, or my husband at bennblum@gmail.com. Thanks!

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