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I'm new to the Forum and decided to give this a try.

My husband and I moved here from London end of last year (he is on a 457) and I have been looking for work since then, but not had success yet.

I have contacted several agencies and from a very frank conversation with them realised that I need to approach this in a different way, as there are about 200 people applying for each admin-type role in Sydney. I was also informed, off the record, that they will be looking at employing Australian candidates before South-Africans for full time employment.

So if anyone needs someone to help out with admin/PA related work, or need an extra hand in the running of their business, please let me know.

I live in Bondi, so somewhere commutable is a preference.

I have a BA Law (Stellenbosch), 10 years business administration, and 7 years retail experience.

My most recent experience was as Executive PA for a large IT corporation, Computacenter, in London.

I'm very flexible with regards to type of work and payment and ideally would like something 3-4 days a week.

Thanks for your time!

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I've listed my Resume on linkme.com.au and have had several hits over the past 2 months and even a job offering yesterday. I'm not actively looking for a job because I currently do have employment but I'm not closing off all avenues at this point - keeping an open mind and taking everything into consideration. Even though I've also listed my Resume with CareerOne.com.au and Seek.com.au I've had no hits at all since I've been on their systems from October 2008.

Give them a try - good luck!!


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