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A few bits and bobs in Adelaide


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Arrived a week ago, and although my blood is pure convict, it takes time to re-adjust as i have been away from OZ for a looong time. My other half however, hails from where you guys come from. I must just point out also that i have not been to Adelaide at all prior to our landing last week so i'm as lost as you guys.

We first stayed in South terrace for 2 nights, half hour walk or so from cbd. First few days, we got mobiles sorted, laptop, and also in the process of getting centrelink, medicare and other bits and bobs like that. After 2 days we hadnt searched for a car yet, and so it was either taxi, bus. We needed to find somewhere else to stay for awhile also, i phoned around, and around, and so we ended up in Mount barker. Nice place, good schools apparently. But we are not going to settle here.

On Sunday we went to Glenlg - beach, icecream, seagulls, Jetty, saw Nandos, Tram, fish and chips, ... yep, all these things and had a nice day out.

Today we looked for a car.... we jumped on the 845F bus, no wait..... the other half says its 846F, from Mt.Barker to the CBD. Then we jump on another bus, think it was 271, i think which takes you to a looooong road which has quite a few car yards. The road or area is called... um, cant remember, anyway, i think its on the way to Modbury... not sure. Anyway, bought a car, picked it up today. Its blue. I know bugger all about cars but its a good colour.

So after we pick up our car its time to search for anotherplace to stay. Other half takes control of directions and i drive. You see, we have done this before in the USA, me drive and she directs so i was a bit worried if history is anything to go by. Anyway, all was going good as we ended up back near the city, as we wanted to go to Norwood, it wasnt to far, however, 15 mins later we were drivng up the mountain, or hills. Oh dear, we were lost. Pulled over and had a look at the street directory (we bought one for $23 or something like that) - had a look and figured out where we should be going, and a short while later we where in Norwood, Kensington - which is where we want to live in the immediate future. People say its expensive, Huh, there are affordable places there, just look. ...... Close to city, great schools, and great area. Looked at modbury and a few other places around there, but didnt like them.

Banking is not as uptight here, more easy going and no worries mate. The tellers are much more friendly.

Still struggling to find a mini bus taxi... also saw a sign, "Free wood" lol. Caught the bus a few times, reliable and easy to use, best to have change ready. And yep, plenty of hoons, although i must say its a guy thing, burning rubber, and the V8 roaring up the road - young and old, guys will be guys.

Of course when you are buying anything - look for specials.

That will do for now, enough ramble.

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Thanks for sharing Choog!!

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Hey Choog,

Welcome to Adelaide!

Have to agree, Kensington is really nice! Hope you find something soon,

Take care...


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We are off house hunting again today.... in hot weather, seems its going to be 39c today. Guess i'll have the aircon blasting in the car whilst driving around.

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Still searching for housing so have booked a serviced apartment for another week ($425), which is a good price. Done a bit of motel/guest house type stays so far and this serviced accom. is very well priced.

Done lots of driving around now, and my navigator, AKA, other half is getting better, she now looks at the map upside down, or side ways.. depending on which way we are going, so a big hug for her. I'm sure she'll get that pass certificate in navigation yet!

Also, we have been taking our laptop in the car and using google maps. Really helpful, gives you a layout/time/distance of where you are,/where you need to go. Highly recommended if you dont have a garmin, or just not bothered using street directory.

Takeways are (is?) taking its toll - need some home cooked food, fortunatley now our place has a kitchen so we can cook!!

I dont think our children remember what school is, probably foriegn to them by now.

Went to Adelaide market thingy in/near China town (gouger st) - pretty good, loads of cheese, fruit/veg, good coffee (my fav!!), asian stuff, good variety of seafood, plenty meats etc, etc... and so on...

Sunday, thats tomorrow, we are off to the farmers market in Adelaide showgrounds or something...looks good, cant wait.

Also, more house hunting tomorrow

Oh, nearly forgot to mention. Driving on the outskirts or the cbd today, i had pulled up waiting for traffic lights to change, and next to me, in the car parking bit there was no cars parked, next thing... this mini bus drives along side me, and about half a car length in front, he pokes his head out the window and gives a little wave as if to say thanks for letting me in - i shook my head as i couldnt believe what i was seeing.... and yes he probably was an ex african (south?) mini bus driver. go figure. They are here in Adelaide to annoy me as well.

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Very dissapointed with Tom-Tom. Had a Garmin in South Africa. The Garmin switches on and off with the car while the Tom-tom doesn't. You have to switch it off and on seperately. (TT one vs Garmin Nuvi entry level). You have to hold the on button in for a few secondes befor it switches on. The garmin allows you to reset your destination while driving while with the TT you have to stop first. Stupid feature if the wife in the passenger seat can do it while you are driving. The TT's screen is hard to see, to dull in bright sunlight. Even if you choose bright colours and 100% brightness. You can't switch the TT's voice off, it can only go as low as 10%.

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