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Receive direct communique from employers


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I thought to share the following information with you all.

There exist a need in the Australian job market where employers can communicate directly to prospective employees who are looking for suitable employment. This is all part of finding the hidden job market where positions exist but according to recruitment agents they cannot find suitable candidates.

Until now; I came across this website www.mineblogger.com.au

Jody Elliott is the innovative drive behind this concept and with permission I publish her email to me below:

“This is only phase one – our intent is to assist employers to become comfortable with the idea of blogging or posting messages and engaging with candidates in bite sizes and in a less formal sense. Our ultimate objective is to create the premier website for the Australian Resources Sector which includes a job board, blogging, video conferencing, candidate profiles, and webpages for every employer that can be changed as often as they wish..... and a whole lot more. It is intended that we create a hub for employers only (no agencies) and where candidates don’t have to search every careers page – it’s all there at their fingertips. Industry are moving away from SEEK because it’s too full of agencies. If you click on now, only 10% of the nearly 5,000 oil, gas and mining jobs are posted by employers. The problem is then, there is no aggregated location for all direct employer opportunities. That is just one of the gaps we will fill. The idea of the blog is to provide the background story to the job opportunity. As an industry, we are extremely poor at communicating the real story to candidates.

As Manager Recruitment with BHP Billiton, I was extremely frustrated that I couldn’t quickly and effectively communicate when we were doing roadshows, how many applications were received for apprenticeships and why so many wouldn’t have got a shot, what specific projects were underway in our organisation etc. Trying to change the average careers webpage is nearly impossible for large organisations.

Your question is probably best answered by creating an individual login and reading what is already on the blog posts. We’re just preparing this week’s which will go live Sunday night/Monday morning. We provide a balance between where the career opportunities are now and coming down the track, together with educating candidates on job search strategies and skill specific to our industry.

I hope this assists.

Kind regards, Jody

Jody Elliott, Chief Blogger

E: info@mineblogger.com.au

Please post your finding here.

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Hey Ottg


Your employment posts always make good sense, I better have a look then as my brother in law- Drill and Blast Engineer- was made redundant last week and we- Electrician- may need to look too with Anglo to slash another 9000 jobs worldwide.

Keep the info coming.



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